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BMW’s Frozen Matt Paint: Cool as Ice

BMW Frozen and Individual Matt paints create a soft sheen instead of a mirror-like shine. The satin finish is elegant and stylish, and
is selling out faster than the company can produce cars with this dramatic look.

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the bimmer pub june 2012

In this issue: Helping you set Rotor-Service Polocies, Tackling the MOST bus, HVAC, Bonding – becoming the preferred technology.

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the bimmer pub march 2012

In this issue: Headlights, Airbags, Power Seats & Four Wheel Drive

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Lighting the Way

Safety is a top priority at BMW. One area the company always wants to enhance is the driver’s night-time vision. Here are some of the many ways BMW has improved its lighting systems to enhance safety on the  road for everyone.

March 15, 2012 | Reply More
Cushioning the Blow

Cushioning the Blow

Among the greatest safety advancements are BMW’s various types of supplemental restraint systems. Dual front air bags, side curtain safety bags and belt tensioning devices are only some of the life-saving features found on BMW vehicles. Here are some service procedures you should know about.

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