the bimmer pub april 2015

the bimmer pub april 2015

  • Perfect Brake Service
  • Beating Around the Bushings
  • Good Money in Maintenance
  • Aluminum Panels
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BMW’s Frozen Matt Paint: Cool as Ice

BMW Frozen and Individual Matt paints create a soft sheen instead of a mirror-like shine. The satin finish is elegant and stylish, and
is selling out faster than the company can produce cars with this dramatic look.

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the bimmer pub june 2012

In this issue: Helping you set Rotor-Service Polocies, Tackling the MOST bus, HVAC, Bonding – becoming the preferred technology.

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the bimmer pub march 2012

In this issue: Headlights, Airbags, Power Seats & Four Wheel Drive

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Lighting the Way

Safety is a top priority at BMW. One area the company always wants to enhance is the driver’s night-time vision. Here are some of the many ways BMW has improved its lighting systems to enhance safety on the  road for everyone.

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