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Finally, Some Definitive Answers to Help You Set BMW Rotor-Service Policies

It’s about time somebody told you the truth about BMW discs, including hanging pads, machining, rotor forecasting, and O.E. vs. aftermarket replacements.

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BMW TechDrive December 2008

In this issue:
Always braking suddenly
A/C Compressors: Extending Their Service Life
Step Right Up and Get Your Information Here
Beauty is Skin Deep

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Always Braking Suddenly

Always Braking Suddenly

Over the decades, computer controls have improved vehicle safety. Anti-lock braking systems help us avoid accidents in the first place. Let’s keep this system up to snuff.

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BMW TechDrive July 2008

In this issue:
Give me a brake
Diesel developments at BMW
Staying Grounded

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Give me a brake

Give me a brake

Here’s why using Original BMW Parts and the proper procedures will help you keep control of your reputation.

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