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Your customers are passionate about The Ultimate Driving Machine. They had many options when it came time to buy a vehicle, but they selected a BMW because they wanted to enjoy its amazing performance.

Just as your customers specifically picked a BMW to be their car, they specifically selected your shop to ensure that their BMW passion is a long-term relationship. They count on you to keep their BMWs in optimal condition, ready to go at any time, wherever they want, for as long as they are an owner. To fulfill the trust they’ve placed in you requires that you do more than just follow recommended service intervals. You are also responsible for using the oils, lubricants, and other fluids specified by BMW.


This is what you should see if you follow BMW oil change recommendations.

These fluid recommendations didn’t just materialize out of thin air. As part of its ongoing commitment to continually raising the performance bar, BMW engineers invested long hours running demanding test procedures to evaluate many different products. And the BMW engineers didn’t work alone. They often shared testing and analysis duties with their counterparts from the fluid manufacturers and refiners. With an attention to detail that matches BMW’s approach to designing and building cars, this product testing has resulted in a very specific set of recommendations on what works best in a BMW.

To cut corners or deviate from any recommended fluid could compromise the performance, reliability and longevity your customers expect from their vehicles. Make sure every fluid you use meets BMW’s standards.

Engine Oil

Since 1999, BMW, like some other premium carmakers, has used synthetic engine oil as its factory fill and recommended replacement. But Bayerische Motoren Werke has done other carmakers one better by developing its own brand of synthetic—BMW High Performance Synthetic Oil, a 5W-30 with SJ/CF ratings, that can be used in the BMW gasoline engines you find in North America and the diesels the company offers in other countries. The oil is packaged in both quarts (P/N 07 51 017 866) and bulk dispensing barrels (P/N 07 51 0 022 545).

For motorsports applications, including M3, M5, and Z8 applications, BMW recommends its BMW High Performance Synthetic Oil Castrol RS SAE 10W-60 (P/N 51 0 009 420).


When you see this tag, only use BMW synthetic oil. BMW converted to all synthetic in 1999.

BMW is very clear on this point: “It is recommended to use BMW High Performance Synthetic Oil in 1999 model year and later BMW models and recommend to use either BMW High Performance Synthetic Oil, High Performance Mineral Oil or one of today’s highly advanced brand name lubricating oils conforming to API classification SH or higher in 1998 and earlier BMW models.”

The use of synthetic oil allowed BMW to extend normal service oil change intervals up to 15,000 miles, far longer than conventional, petroleum-based oils can endure. But this longer oil change interval is only one advantage of synthetic, and it isn’t even the


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